What are you willing to sacrifice?


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Genre: Occult Horror.

Sub-genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery.


Natalie CommerfordAs Emily O'Reilly
Randy DavisonAsMayor Gardner / Lord Dagon
Merrick McCarthaAsDetective Omar Jackson
Thom MulliganasSargeant O'Hare


Mauricio Navarro

Director, Screenwriter, Camera & Editor.

Tony Amat

Executive Producer & Still Photographer

Shelley Jesso

Screenwriter & Assistant Director.

Mark Anthony Cox

Casting Director & Actor.

Pitch / Promo

#inthearmsoffire Cast and crew talk about the project of the Horror feature film

Proof of Concept

Starring Randy Davison, Ishmael Meza, Noah Dominguez, Elena Morales, Elena Quintana and Sylvester Bowen. In this scene we introduce a cult. They are in search of a virgin to sacrifice, they are interested in Emily, a high school student with aspirations to be an artist, but she is a Christian and they would have to persuade her into the cult or find other ways.