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A lonely Christian girl is kidnapped by a sinister pagan cult that worships Moloch.

Status: In development

Director Mauricio Navarro, Screenwriter Shelley Jesso, Casting Director Tony Cox, Actor Randy Davison and Natalie Commerford talk about the film "In the Arms of Fire"

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NOMINATED - Best Actor: Noah Dominguez as Sam Meyers

Voted top 3 Audience Favorite

This film was created for the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project and was awarded third place in the audience favorite vote.

Never cross a witch's familia

After suffering physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend (Damien), a young ballerina (Violet) hatches a plan with her Wiccan grandmother (Cecilia) to get revenge using black magic and a music box that carries a horrors within.

Blue Matter

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Mauricio Navarro - Director

Chilean American filmmaker with an award for best short film in 2006 for "Te Cuido". Official Selection in San Diego Film Week for "The D Note" 2019.



Director's Statement

I am a fan of films since I was a kid and I want to make films that have a classic quality and stories involved with the new generations and connect to the audience that loves horror, thriller, suspense, mystery, action, crime, drama, comedy, fantasy and sci fi I want to make movies that will excite them.